Investigation Demanded for BJP MP 2023

Investigation Demanded for BJP MP Prathap Simha's Role in Parliament Security Breach
Investigation Demanded for BJP MP Prathap Simha’s Role in Parliament Security Breach

Investigation Demanded for BJP MP

The security breach at the Indian Parliament has sparked a national outcry, with demands for a thorough investigation into the involvement of BJP MP Pratap Simha. Two individuals, identified as Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma, breached the stringent security protocols, carrying yellow canisters that emitted smoke upon activation.

Security Breach Details and Political Fallout

During the parliamentary proceedings, one of the intruders leapt from the visitors’ gallery into the Lok Sabha, releasing thick yellow smoke from the canisters, causing chaos and prompting concerns about the breach being labelled as a terrorist act.

Arrests Made and Investigations Underway

Consequently, the Opposition, seeking accountability, walked out of the Rajya Sabha, pressing for a statement from the Union Home Minister. A bipartisan meeting later emphasized the necessity to question Prathap Simha regarding his alleged role in facilitating the issuance of passes for the intruders.

Profile of Prathap Simha and Connection to the Incident

Sources within the meeting indicated the incident’s classification as a potential terrorist activity, prompting a comprehensive investigation. The police have apprehended four individuals allegedly involved, while the alleged masterminds behind the breach remain large.

The individuals involved, including Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma, had gained access to the visitors’ gallery. Additionally, two others, Amol Shinde and Neelam Devi, were apprehended outside Parliament with coloured smoke canisters.

Preliminary investigations have suggested that these individuals are not affiliated with recognized terror groups. Instead, sources speculate the possibility of self-radicalization among the group involved, Investigation Demanded for BJP MP.

The stringent security measures at the parliament complex, which include five levels of clearance for visitors, necessitate an MP’s endorsement for access to the visitors’ gallery.

Prathap Simha, a 42-year-old former journalist and BJP MP representing Mysuru, Karnataka, has been linked to the incident. Known for his admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Simha authored Modi’s biography in 2007.

Continued Developments

Furthermore, it has come to light that at least one of the intruders, Manoranjan D, has connections to Prathap Simha’s constituency. A 35-year-old engineering graduate from Mysore Vivekananda University, Manoranjan D’s father resides in Mysore’s Vijaynagar.

The unfolding events surrounding the breach of parliament security continue to raise questions about accountability and the intricate involvement of individuals linked to the incident.

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