Man Eating Tiger in Wayanad 2023

Man Eating Tiger in Wayanad
Man Eating Tiger in Wayanad

Kerala Forest Minister Identifies Man-Eating Tiger in Wayanad

Kerala Forest Minister AK Saseendran confirmed that the tiger responsible for the recent tragic incident in Wayanad had been identified as a 13-year-old male tiger, which was catalogued as WWL 45 in the forest department’s database.

Man Eating Tiger in Wayanad-Incident Details and Identification

The incident, occurring on December 9, involved the discovery of Vakeri resident Prajeesh’s half-eaten body near a forest area in Kalpetta, Wayanad. It’s suspected that Prajeesh was attacked by the tiger while collecting grass for his cattle.

Residents quickly alleged that the tiger was a Man Eating Tiger in Wayanad, leading to mounting demands for authorities to take action against the big cat.

Minister’s Response and Measures Taken

Minister Saseendran mentioned that steps have been initiated to address this issue effectively. The Chief Wildlife Warden has issued an order to shoot the tiger due to its classification as a man-eater.

To ensure the safety of residents, the animal is under intense surveillance, monitored by 25 cameras, and two cages have been set up for the operation. Additionally, the area has five patrol teams of shooters and doctors.

The minister also urged the public to cooperate with the measures implemented by the officials for everyone’s safety.

Legal Aspects and High Court’s Decision

Following the government’s order to kill the tiger if it cannot be captured or tranquillized, the Kerala High Court dismissed a plea challenging this decision. The court noted that the petition seemed to be more for publicity rather than serving the public interest. Consequently, a cost of ₹25,000 was imposed on the petitioner organization, Animals and Nature Ethics Community (ANEC).

Minister Saseendran welcomed the decision of the High Court.

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