Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends 2023

Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends
Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends

Parliament Security Breach House Control Amid Chaos

In the aftermath of a significant security breach within the Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends premises, tension surged as the Opposition vehemently called for Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s resignation. The incident, which witnessed chaos orchestrated by intruders, prompted Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to assert the House’s security, reiterating its domain under the secretariat’s purview.

Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends, Amidst Chaos, Security Lapses Unveiled

Both Houses of Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends grappled with disruptions as Opposition MPs raised slogans, denouncing the apparent security failure that culminated in a tumultuous scene. Two individuals, posing as visitors, unleashed colored smoke canisters in the Lok Sabha chamber, prompting immediate arrest. Their motive, they revealed to the authorities, aimed to spotlight issues of unemployment, farmers’ grievances, and the ongoing unrest in Manipur.

Speaker’s Firm Defense of House Jurisdiction

In response to mounting pressure, Speaker Birla unequivocally defended the House’s security protocols, assuring ongoing discussions while emphasizing the exclusive responsibility of the Lok Sabha secretariat for security arrangements. He firmly repudiated any potential intervention by the central government, rebuffing calls made by the Opposition for their involvement.

Pledging Safety Measures and Preventive Actions

Birla pledged an extensive and comprehensive discussion to devise preventive strategies, aiming to forestall future untoward incidents. Acknowledging prior similar occurrences, he underscored his obligation to ensure the safety and security of all individuals within the parliamentary premises.

Government’s Stance and Reaction

Addressing the alarming breach, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh expressed regret over the unfortunate incident. He urged fellow MPs to exercise caution while issuing passes and commended Speaker Birla’s prompt initiation of an investigation. Singh criticized the Opposition’s disruptive conduct within the House, emphasizing the futility of chaos in addressing the matter at hand.

Ensuring Accountability and Strengthening Security Measures

Singh stressed the need for a collective effort among Members of Parliament to maintain vigilance, promising to bolster security protocols to prevent similar lapses in the future. He highlighted the importance of cooperation and responsible conduct to uphold the sanctity and functionality of the parliamentary sessions.


The recent breach in the Parliament Security Breach Speaker Defends security has brought to the forefront critical concerns regarding safety measures and the responsibilities of the House. Speaker Om Birla’s unwavering defense of the House’s autonomy in security arrangements, coupled with the government’s commitment to fortifying these protocols, underscores a collective dedication to ensuring the safety and smooth functioning of the parliamentary proceedings.

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