Unemployment and Parliament Breach 2023

Unemployment and Parliament Breach
Unemployment and Parliament Breach

Unemployment and Parliament Breach: A Story of Desperation

Shocking scenes unfolded during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha as protesters breached security, revealing a tale of despair amid unemployment. Four individuals, driven by their circumstances, engaged in unprecedented actions, shedding light on the dire consequences of joblessness.

The Protesters’ Distress: Unemployment and Parliament Breach

Among those arrested, Neelam Azad, a highly qualified individual with an M.Phil degree and clearing central examinations, found herself in distress due to prolonged unemployment.

The Quest for Employment

Neelam’s family expressed her anguish, citing her educational prowess contrasting starkly with her inability to secure a teaching job. “Despite studying rigorously, she faced immense stress over being jobless,” her mother, Saraswati, shared with reporters.

Desperate Measures Amid Unemployment

Neelam, having completed her BA, MA, M. Phil, and clearing the NET, resorted to participating in protests highlighting unemployment issues. She was a part of the farmers’ protest near Delhi, emphasizing the need to annul the farm bills.

Sagar Sharma’s Struggle

Meanwhile, a Lucknow resident, Sagar Sharma earned a livelihood by driving an e-rickshaw. His family revealed that he left for a two-day protest in Delhi, indicating the extreme measures individuals take due to Unemployment & Parliament Breach.

A Cry Against Unemployment

Sagar’s involvement in the protest stemmed from the frustrations of being jobless, shedding light on the plight of those grappling with unemployment.

Calls for Accountability

Family members expressed shock and dismay at the actions of the protesters. Manoranjan’s father, Devaraje Gowda, condemned the breach, emphasizing the sanctity of the Parliament while urging for severe consequences if his son is found guilty.

Seeking Justice

While acknowledging the desperation behind these acts, family members urged for a thorough investigation into the circumstances that drove their loved ones to such extreme measures.

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