Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks

Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks
Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks

Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks

Amid escalating tensions, Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks, revealed that Russia conducted nearly 100 air attacks across the nation within a harrowing 24-hour span. The dire situation prompted Ukraine’s First Lady to issue a stark warning, asserting that the country faced “mortal danger” without crucial Western military aid.

The Ukrainian General Staff’s social media post detailed the onslaught, indicating that the enemy launched 28 missiles and 27 airstrikes, relentlessly targeting Ukrainian military positions and densely populated areas. Regions in the eastern part of Ukraine, notably Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk, bore the brunt of these intense attacks.

This offensive surge came on the heels of Ukrainian authorities intercepting cruise missiles for the first time in nearly 80 days. Heightened concerns from Western intelligence assessments suggested Russia’s potential escalation in bombarding civilian infrastructure, particularly during the winter months.

In a devastating assault on Ukraine’s Kherson region, Russian forces carried out 62 shelling incidents, unleashing over 300 shells through mortars, artillery, Grad, tanks, UAVs, and aircraft. Tragically, these attacks resulted in civilian casualties, including one fatality and another individual sustaining shrapnel wounds from an explosive dropped by a drone in Beryslav.

The city of Kherson witnessed significant infrastructural damage and residential buildings being shelled, leaving a 47-year-old woman hospitalized due to injuries sustained during a Friday night attack. In response, the Prosecutor’s Office in the Kherson region launched a pre-trial investigation into the grave violations of war laws and customs.

Amidst these relentless assaults, Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, urgently appealed for international assistance, emphasizing the criticality of aid in sustaining the country amidst the ongoing conflict. Expressing the vital need for continuous support, Zelenska highlighted the life-or-death nature of the situation, expressing distress over any waning international support.

As the conflict continues unabated, the urgency for Western aid amplifies. Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron, during his recent visit to Washington, emphasized the United States’ pivotal role in supporting Ukraine’s resistance against Russia. He urged US lawmakers to bolster Ukraine’s morale by swiftly passing an aid package for Kyiv, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and the need to prevent a victory for Putin in Ukraine.

Ukraine Warns of 100 Russian Air Attacks. For more updates, follow our website.

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