China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa 2024

China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa
China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa

China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa Waiver Agreement

China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa have reached a significant milestone by mutually agreeing to waive visa requirements for each other’s citizens, which is set to take effect from March onwards. This collaborative decision, revealed by Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, emerges as part of Beijing’s concerted efforts to reinvigorate international tourism following a prolonged economic strain due to self-imposed COVID restrictions.

Impact on Tourism

The reciprocal China and Thailand Announce Permanent visa-free program, initially introduced by Thailand by exempting visas for Chinese tourists until February, now fosters a two-way agreement, reflecting the fundamental interests of both nations’ peoples. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, this initiative is under active discussion among relevant government departments, anticipating prompt implementation.

China’s Tourism Landscape

China stands as the world’s second-largest economy and a culturally rich, geographically diverse tourist haven. However, navigating China has posed challenges, from complex visa regulations to restricted internet access for mainstream tools like Google Maps. The recent dominance of Chinese e-payment apps, while successful locally, has posed obstacles for international travelers.

Reviving Travel Post-Covid

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, China closed its borders for three years. Presently, China’s eagerness to welcome tourists back is evident in its strategic agreements. Alongside the pact with Thailand, China initiated a trial program granting visa-free entry to visitors from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia for 15 days, effective for a year until November.

Early Impact and Challenges

The National Immigration Administration reported 118,000 travelers from these six nations entered China visa-free in December, a significant boost in visits. However, assessing the true impact remains inconclusive as long-distance travel planning, climatic factors, and varying tourist seasons could influence visitor numbers.

International Outreach and Economic Recovery

China’s efforts to facilitate tourism extend beyond Asia. Simplifying the visa application process for American tourists by eliminating several requirements aligns with China’s broader goal of attracting more international travelers. Initiatives such as dropping pre-entry COVID-19 test requirements and easing visa procedures for business travelers underscore this intent.

Slow Recovery and Future Prospects

Despite these initiatives, the return of international travelers to China remains gradual, significantly below pre-pandemic levels. The National Immigration Administration’s data depict a slow but gradual increase in foreign entries and exits, signifying a slow recovery in the tourism sector.


China’s proactive measures to revitalize tourism, including agreements with Thailand and other nations, relaxing visa protocols, and integrating foreign-friendly payment systems, signal a concerted effort toward economic resurgence. While the impact is yet to reach pre-pandemic levels, these steps are pivotal in re-establishing China as a premier global tourist destination.

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